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Montreal Girls Geeks Return

Amanda Aitken at RPM Startup Centre

Amanda Aitken inspiring the Girl Geeks - Photo credit Eva Blue

Wednesday February 22nd saw the return of the dynamic Montreal Girl Geeks to RPM. Web design guru Amanda Aitken was the speaker, and she came to inspire the assembled girl geeks to harness the power of HTML and CSS. Over 60 women (plus a few men) listened appreciatively to Amanda as she demystified the nuts and bolts of webpages and good web design.

The event was expertly organized by Georgiana Laudi, Liesl Barrell, and Sandy Sidhu – the Montreal Girl Geeks Team. Judging by the buzz after the event it was a great success and may have inspired a number of people to load up WordPress and start building a site of their own.

And a big thanks has to go to the amazing Eva Blue for taking some great photos of the event.

Girl Geeks Full house at RPM Startup Centre

Girl Geeks Full house at RPM Startup Centre - photo credit Eva Blue

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June Montreal Girl Geek Event

RPM is very pleased to be hosting the June Girl Geek Event on June 21st. Entitled “Crowd Funding with Singer-Songwriter Angie Arsenault” the meeting will present the experiences of this Montreal-based recording artist who has funded two projects through crowd-sourced donations.

The doors open at 6:30pm and the event will begin at 7:00pm.

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Fridays at RPM

Benoit about to flip out

This is what working at RPM is all about. Creative people getting creative in the kitchen. Props to Benoit and the mTrip gang for showing the way.

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Ici Radio-Canada

Thanks to Bruno Morency and Dok Dok, RPM has once again caught the eye of Montreal’s broadcasting community.

On Monday, April 4, a television crew from Radio-Canada came to RPM to meet with Bruno and find out what is going on here. In the end, they not only spoke with Bruno about their new Context.IO API, but also with Sabrina Fenster about  mTrip and Ian Rae about the vision behind RPM Montreal. Plus they witnessed a meeting of the Year One Labs startups.

Year One Labs

A meeting of the minds at Year One Labs

Check out the full report at Radio-Canada.

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More Amazing Press for Localmind – Updated

The online plaudits for Localmind keep coming in. The highly influential Web 2.0 blog GigaOm has given a big thumbs up to Lenny’s baby. The headline is: “Localmind iPhone App is the Future of Local Crowdsourcing” – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Congratulations to Lenny and Nelson for producing a really good iPhone app.

Update: Apparently it still had room to get better. The GigaOm piece was quickly picked up by The New York Times – adding another layer of awesome.

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RPM Residents in the Media

Art Anywhere

Over the past few weeks there has been more recognition of RPM residents in the online and print media.

First up is Art Anywhere, who had a prominent feature in the January 29th, 2011 edition of the Montreal Gazette – in print and online. The article was picked up by other newspapers across the country, including the Vancouver Sun and Calgary Herald.

Localmind, currently incubating in the Year One Labs, has also been making a media splash. Here are some of the places it and founder Lenny Rachitsky have been featured:

  • Montreal Tech Watch did a write up on Lenny’s Localmind presentation at MtlNewTech.
  • Technaute, the technology section of Montreal’s La Presse, did a nice article en Français on Localmind.
  • And you can find interviews with Lenny on (a blog devoted to the increasing localization of internet information) and on (that’s Beta List – a site devoted to new tech startups).

Nice work everyone for getting your message out!

Lenny Rachitsky

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People Worth Watching

Earlier this year TechVibes published an article on 10 Digital Media People to Watch in Quebec in 2011. Two out of the ten are RPM residents. One being Vanilla forums; the other being Year One Labs.

Congratulations on being noticed as people to watch. We are keeping our eyes on you.

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Hack-hack-hacking on Heaven’s Door

Year One Labs Google Hackathon at RPM Montreal

We at RPM were proud to host the Year One Labs Google Hackathon on Saturday, January 22nd. From 7:30am to 10:00pm the whole of RPM was a hive of activity as upwards of 50 programmers and supporters spent a fulfilling day creating very cool applications on the Google App Engine API.

RPM’s own Alistair Croll gives a great summary of the event on the Year One Labs blog. Plus the event got attention from wider media like the CBC, and the Montreal Gazette.

CBC News Report on the Hackathon

This was the second big programming event held here at RPM, and we look forward to hosting more of the city’s brightest programmers here in the future.

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Montreal Gets mTrip

mTrip travel planning applicationJason Magder, who writes the TechnoCité blog for the Montreal Gazette, has written a very positive article about mTrip, a tenant here in RPM Montreal. The best part of this article is the fact that he used the software in the real world situation of traveling to San Francisco.

Felicitations mTrip for producing software that offers a practical solution with value for its customers.

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RPM Rescues Ruby (on Rails)

One of the aims of RPM is to facilitate the coming together and sharing of information of the Montreal tech community. With this in mind we are happy to say that we are coming to the aid of Montreal.rb – a community group of Montreal-based Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers. They are unable to use their regular venue for their scheduled meeting on the 21st of December, so we have opened up our events space for their use.

We look forward to welcoming around 30 of the city’s keenest Ruby developers and we hope they feel at home in our space.

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