Do you provide furniture for private offices?

No. Tenants renting private offices will need to provide their own furnishings. The single desk users are provided with desks and chairs.

How do the lockers for single desks work?

It is fairly simple. Each single desk user is allocated one locker. It is up to the user to bring in a lock to use with it.

Should I get a BIXI pass?

Yes! The BIXI system is a great way to get around downtown Montreal. There is a station right on the corner of Guy and Notre Dame. In the spring RPM will canvas tenants to see how many are interested in getting passes and, the more people who apply together as a corporation, the larger a discount we can get on the passes.

How is the parking at RPM?

A lot better than other places downtown! Tenants primarily park on the streets around RPM and usually you can find a spot within a short walk. The building owner (Centre du Design) has a limited number of spaces available in a nearby parking lot to lease at about $70/month. You can contact them directly to make arrangements.

Does my mother work here?

No. She doesn’t. You are expected to clean your own dishes or load them into the dishwasher. And please keep your work area tidy.

Can I casually use a meeting room?

It is possible, but if you are using a meeting room without having booked it and there is a conflict, you will be asked to leave in favour of someone who has booked it.

How do I book a meeting room?

Bring all booking requests to the facility manager who maintains the meeting room schedule.

What is the coffee like?

There is free drip filter coffee dispensed from a thermos that keeps it hot for a long time. It’s not the greatest tasting coffee, but it’s free. Plus, there is a constant supply of hot water available for tea and other infusion beverages. We also have a Saeco machine that costs $0.50/cup for a variety of fresh ground espresso-based drinks. Someone will always complain, but you can’t please every coffee drinker.